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The Exhibition “Pilgrimage to St. Afon Mountain by the yacht “Centurion”

Invitation to the international cooperation-Marche Fano Design Company

In April-May 2009 a pilgrim expedition took place at the sailing yacht “Centurion” round the holy sites of ancient Lykien (modern Turkey) and monasteries of St. Afon Mountain (Greece). Sergey Polivets - a famous photographer, a master of the 1st class, a member of the Russian Journalist Union (international certificate of a journalist BA-21908), the author of the photo project “Legend of Count Igor Regiment” took part in this expedition. The pilgrimage had a religious mission. The crew of the yacht was accompanied by an active priest Nikolai Chapkij – a clergyman of St. Trinity Parish in Azov city, who blessed the pilgrim’s voyage with the icon of Reverential Alexander Nevsky.

What do we know about Christianity and St. Afon Mountain? Where is it? How was the monks’ republic formed? Who inhabits it? How do the descendants of the first Afon’s monks settled the wild peninsula many centuries ago look like now?

The photographies made by photo correspondent Sergey Polivets are able to answer all these questions.

The idea of such a voyage to St. Afon Mountain occurred not at once. The author of the project - Sergey Polivets and a yachtsman – Igor Pivovarov have been discussing this idea for 3 years, but they got down to paving the route only in winter 2009. The Rostov Diocese and the Sovereign Master Panteleimon Archbishop of Rostov and Azov gave much help to the preparing of the expedition. The spiritual mission became the aim of the trip and of the photo project.

The exposure tells us about the places, where St. Nicholas preached (he is widely known as Santa Claus, as he used to give presents to children and carried a bag with him), the house, where lived the mother of Jesus Christ – Virgin Maria, about the city of Effes, where the Third Ecumenical Council took place and about the monks republic at the Afon Mountain.

The expedition visited 7 monasteries and one elderly hermit – Benedict, who has already lived praying in seclusion for 19 years. The travelers crossed the distance of more than 8000 kilometers by air, water and land. The photographer Sergey Polivets made more than 7000 photographies of historical and cultural places of interest and local citizens. All in all the exposure of the exhibition counts more than 200 photo masterpieces.
All the exhibits were united by the common ecclesiastical motives of the theme – pilgrimage to holy sites in Greece, ancient Byzantium, Lykien and monasteries at St. Afon Mountain. All the photos made by the author – Sergey Polivets, present to a viewer a synthesis of methods in painting and photography, telling him in details about the difficulties on the pilgrims’ way to the places, where St. Nicholas preached, where lived the mother of Jesus Christ – Virgin Maria, to the city of Effes, where the Third Ecumenical Council took place and about the monks republic at the Afon Mountain. All the works presented at the exhibition were accomplished at the very high technical and artistic level, and this fact only confirms the correspondence of “Marche Fano Design” studio to European studios of high-level class. The idea of the author’s personal reality perception is logically interlaced with the exact conveying of historic events, facts and data. The classical foreshortening and composition, the transference of three-dimensional space and distinct sense of the light at the photos are the main distinguishing features of this project, which provokes delight and admiration of all the visitors at the exhibition. The solicitous relation to religion by Sergey Polivets prevents from outlining any single leader among all the photo works at the exhibition and the visitors acknowledge the point of view that, though all the photos are unique, all are unified by the thematic kinship and resemblance and it’s almost impossible to show preference only to one masterpiece of the photo artist. The theme of spirituality of the exhibition was blessed, supported and estimated with the respect by the Pilgrim Center of Moscow Patriarchy.
The owner of the French Art gallery “The Champs Elys

Technical Properties of the Exhibition
1) Quantity of photo works: 60 – 120
2) Size: 60 * 90 sm – 140 sm
3) Material: canvas
4) Design: dark-brown baguette – 38 mm.

Some words about the author:

Sergey Polivets is a master of photography of the 1st class, a member of the Russian Journalist Union, a laureate of the international photo exhibitions, the author of the personal photo projects and exhibitions - “Legend of Count Igor Regiment”, “Pilgrimage to St. Afon Mountain by the yacht “Centurion””, “Marche Fano Events”, “Rock Monsters”, “Kayal Readings”, the author of books on photography – “Photoshooting of Models, Examples of Lighting”.
Sergey Polivets was born in Rostov-on-Don on the 18th of January, 1960.
1967-1975 – years of study at the secondary school № 12 in Rostov-on-Don.
1975-1979 - years of study at Rostov State Electro-technical College at the faculty of instrument-making.
1979-1981 – military service at the border post of KGB USSR.
1981-1999 – work as a photographer at the Rostov Region Photostudio “Luch”.
1988 – receiving a rank of the master of photography of the 1st class RSFSR.
1994-1999 – study at Moscow Institute of Enterprise Protection at the faculty of
2000 – General Director of russian-italian company “Marche Fano”.

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The Exhibition “Pilgrimage to St. Afon Mountain by the yacht “Centurion”